Sunday, August 24, 2008

10 years together....

Kevin and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on Saturday! I'm glad that he's put up with me for so long.

We had a great time, I planned a surprise trip to Vegas and we spent 4 days/4 nights without kids or responsibilities.

We hung out with family and went to the Hogs and Hefers saloon one night with Kevin's cousins and their co-workers. I had "just" enough to drink that I happily danced on the bar. Yes, it's true - me and a bunch of other "girls"

It dawned on me the next day that I was one of the "Hefers".... Kevin and I got a great laugh out of that one!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More and more fishing...

The boys all caught some fish!
Josh caught a 21" fish. Too bad it had to be 22 " or more or 15" or less to keep.

Kagen and Cody having a good time!Kagen not enjoying his first fish up close.

We ended up having a blast!

Monday, August 4, 2008

One day down....

After the disastrous attempts at knee boarding yesterday at the lake, I decided to start working out. I really think that treadmills are of the devil and really should be avoided at all cost. Here are a couple of good examples why:
1. Carter was injured (face burn) on one a couple months ago when he went to crawl on it, while it was running, at his other grandma's house.

2. Chad was injured (face and knee burn) on the one at our house a couple of days ago, when he pulled a Carter and tried to climb around it while Cody was on it. (I finally gave in and let them use it...see!!!)

3. Today while I was using it, the power in the house went off. I took this as a sign and finished for the night. I got 34 minutes in before the power went out and no injuries to speak of, so I think I did pretty good!

I did finally pull out the exercise ball / set that I bought at Costco months ago and finally pumped the ball up. I did a set of the exercises in the book. The video made me laugh... not that I watched it or did it, but when I read the back, here's an excert from one of the dvd's. "Enjoy a 106-minute...." I'll stop there. Did you notice that it said, enjoy a 106-minute class. Are they kidding... that is almost 2 hours. Who in their right mind would enjoy that?

No pictures to post... hee hee hee hee. Maybe someday there will be an "after" photo that I will want to share.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A day at the lake

Our friends have asked us a few times to go to the lake with them and we ALWAYS have something else planned... Yesterday, they asked again and I turned them down in favor of a birthday party my kids had planned to go to. (not any b-day party either.... one of "those" birthday parties that are themed and have costumes and big prizes and lots of treats, etc, etc., etc....)

They said "how about tomorrow?" Now even though I am not much of a lake/water type person. I said yes immediately. These are good friends and I didn't want to keep putting them off.

Even though I said yes, I kept hoping something would come up (like bad weather) and we would get to cancel. I don't like going to the water for just a couple of reasons... One, I get motion sickness. Me on the boat after a while equals a little green. Two, I hate getting into a swimsuit in public. I am a chunky girl and I don't like the heat and water and the lack of clothing that those two things together call for.

So this morning, it was BEAUTIFUL weather and we went to Quail lake and much to my surprise, had a FANTASTIC time!!!

My kids loved it soooo much, I don't think Rick and Stephanie will be able to go to the lake without them again. Chad took to it right away and looked like a pro. He got up on the knee board right away. tried surfing by himself, surfed with his dad and did great!!! Cody didn't even want to get in the water at first and then did all of the above and by the end of the day, he was the last one in the water.

I forgot my camera had the video portion til the end of the day, so Cody was the only one with a video (sorry Chad!)

I'm glad I was the photographer and that no one thought to bring out the camera while I was trying to get up on the knee board and instead had to opt for being drug around the lake like an anchor....

This chunky girl did not have the upper body strength to drag myself up out of the water... Oh well, I am sure we'll go again and I will try again. Maybe I can do a few pushups in the meantime.